A larval differentiation test (also known as a 'larval culture' or 'larval typing' test) is performed on a faecal sample.  It involves incubating and hatching parasite eggs, to determine what types of parasites are present.  This is helpful as the eggs of most strongyle worms are difficult to differentiate. Culturing these eggs into larvae, allows identification at the larvae life stage.

A larval differentiation test will determine what parasites exist in a specific mob, or property. The proportion of each species present in the faecal sample is reported. Performing a larval differentiation allows you to not only determine the significant worm species present but  'arms' you with all the knowledge you need to implement a strategic drench plan that is most effective on your worms. It can be used in conjunction with faecal egg counting and Drench Tests to determine which worm species are surviving a drench treatment and showing signs of resistance.

Do not refridgerate sample(s) prior to sending to the lab if a larval differention is to be performed on your sample(s).

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