A full drench test (faecal worm egg count reduction test) should be used to test the effectiveness of multiple drenches on worms on your property. This test involves splitting a mob of young animals into groups of 15. Each group of 15 will be assigned a drench to be tested and there is also a group of 15 animals that are untreated representing the control group.

Faecal samples for each group are taken 10-14 days after the treatment and sent for individual egg counting. The egg count for each group is then compared to the control group and the percent reduction in numbers of eggs/gram is determined.

A drench resistance test report will provide information as to whether the worm species present on the property are susceptible to the drench actives submitted. A drench is considered effective when worm egg counts are reduced by 95% or more. The decision as to which drench is best to use on your property can be made with the results from the Drench Test.

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