Scopex Laboratories price list up to date as of 01 Sept, 2019.

Standard Worm Egg Count Tests:

Scopex Laboratories uses modified McMaster slides. These slides have an accuracy reading to 50epg. This means that for every egg that we see under our microscope, there are 50 eggs per gram in the faecal sample.

  • Individual Worm Egg Test - $90 (15 animals)
  • Individual Worm Egg Test plus Larval Differentiation - $130 (15 animals)
  • Pooled Worm Egg Test - $55 (3 bulk counts from 15 animals)
  • Pooled Worm Egg Test plus Larval Differential - $95 (3 bulk counts from 15 animals)
  • Equine Individual Egg Test - $40 (1st), then $15 thereafter(up to 15 animals)

Extra Tests:

Scopex does a few other tests in conjunction to the standard Worm Egg Count Tests:

  • Drench Check - $35 Worm Egg Count Reduction Test on 2 samples, pre and post worming.
  • Drench Test - $330 Worm Egg Count Reduction Test on 3 drench groups plus control group. Each additional drench classes added to the drench test @ $98
  • Larval Culture and Differential - $50 (no WEC)
  • Fluke Test (Sedimentation) - $80
  • Australian Sheep Breeding Values - $4 /each for greater than 100 Individual Worm Egg Counts

For Drench Checks, Drench Tests and Australian Sheep Breeding Values, it is recommended that you please contact us before ordering your tests. The test prices may vary, depending on your specific circumstances.

WEC Kits

The Worm Egg Count (WEC) kits are $14.95 upfront. This cost is credited to your account once the WEC kit(s) are returned for testing. You can order your WEC kits here

Scopex Laboratories price list is accurate as of 1st Sept, 2019.It is subject to change periodically. However, we endeavour to keep our prices fair and competative.