Are you wondering about the worm burden of your animals?

A simple lab test will give you the answers you need to make informed worming decisions. Good for your animals. Good for your pocket.

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Scopex Laboratories is a small family run lab based in Mooloolah Valley on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Our mission is to provide fast friendly lab services to owners of grazing animals, near and far, so that they can better understand the health of their animals and make informed decisions about the requirements or lack of requirement to use anthelmintic worming drugs. The overuse of these drugs over the last few decades have caused parasite resistance to become a serious issue that scientists worldwide are continually battling with. Evidence based worming treatment is the only way forward.

When animals are infested with internal parasites, the adult worms lay eggs which pass out in the animals' faeces. By counting the eggs in the faeces, we are able to determine how large the parasite burden in the animal is. Scopex Laboratories provides a laboratory testing service for worm egg counting which is essential knowledge to have prior to de-worming decisions.